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Online Barcode Generator

Fj-techtools provides a barcode generator free online tool. You can easily create barcodes for your business. You can also create barcodes in bulk.

How our barcode generator works?

There are only 3 easy steps to generate barcodes online:

Put your data

You can either enter data for a single barcode number or generate a sequence for a list of barcodes.

Generate Barcodes

For single barcode, whenever you will update your text, the tool will automatically generate barcode number. For sequence barcode generator, click on generate barcodes button after providing the right configurations.


For single barcode, a png image will be downloaded once you click the download barcode button. For sequence barcodes, a zip file will be downloaded with all the barcodes in png format.

Barcode Sequence Generator

Our sequential barcode generator is so easy and quick to use. Click on the Generate Sequence Barcode tab and the required information.



The above configurations will generate barcodes as below: